Birthdays and family parties

1. How do you organize the cooking classes?

Our cooking classes are interactive: guests cook 3 courses for lunch or dinner under the guidance of our professional chef who also recites guests interesting stories, facts and gives useful advices. Guests can cook dishes together with chef at one table (chef gives the task to each participant) or cook in groups.

You try all the dishes in the cooking process; you can always take your portion home.

2. Does the chef cook with us?

Certainly, our professional chefs will help you in the process of cooking. Importantly they will create the unforgettable atmosphere of our studio in which you'd like to return again and again.

3. Will it be fun for my guests on the cooking classes?

There is no place for "cold" academism in our master classes. You will cook with the chef cheerfully and easily, being actively involved into the process. The secret of our master classes is in a good mood and a lot of fun from the cooking of culinary delights.

4. How much time does the master class last?

Culinary party takes about 3 or 4 hours. During this time we cook 3 dishes and taste it as preparation. Our master class is constructed in such a way that the time for spare communication is always provided, but if it's not enough you can also order the rental of the studio after the master class to share your emotions.

5. What dishes will we cook on the master classes?

We will offer you to choose dishes from our Italian, Spanish, French and other menus - we work with almost all cuisines of the world. You can choose complex sets from our chefs or create your own menu from the offered dishes.

6. Can it happen that the guests stay hungry?

We cook a complex dinner so the participants of master class will not be hungry. The first dish will be ready in about 1 hour after the cooking starts. If you know that your guests will come after work and don’t want to wait an hour, we advise you to order a buffet with antipasti, bruschetta, cheeses and sausages.

7. Which of chefs conduct the master classes? Is it possible to ask for a definite chef?

Experienced, professional, charming, working in reputed restaurants in Bucharest and abroad.

8. Is it possible to order a definite chef?

We cooperate with chefs from the best restaurants. You can express your wishes, and we will pull out all the stops to invite desired chef, but we can not 100% guarantee the presence of a definite chef in your master class.

9. Is there a bar in the studio CULINARYON?

Soft drinks (coffee, tea, juice and water) are always included in the price in our studio.

Each master class has a professional barman who will offer you wine, spirits and cocktails of your choice. Our menu includes Italian, Spanish and French wines.

10. Can we bring our own alcohol?

We have competitive prices for wine, so we are sure that you will have no need to bring your own alcohol with you. Our sommelier will help you to choose the best wine for your chosen dishes. Bringing your own alcohol to the event is impossible.

11. What should we do if one of the guests has an allergy?

Tell us about this when you will book the studio! We will warn the chef and he will eliminate this ingredient from your dish if it's possible. All the dishes are always cooked in front of you and with your participation, and we will never hide the constituent ingredients.

Please note that the CULINARYON studio is not responsible for any allergic reactions, so if you have food allergies, please keep the necessary medicines with you.

12. How much is the event?

The total amount includes the cost of the participation of each guest, the order for the wine list, additional services, service charge. We do not have the minimum number of guests, but there is a minimum budget of the event.

14. How can I order a master class?

Leave the application on the website, by phone or by e-mail, your personal manager will contact you to discuss all the details of the event.

Please note, you should make 50% advance payment to book the master class.

15. Can I pay from the card?

Events can be paid using cash, credit\debit card or bank transfer. You can contact your personal manager to know about all ways of payment.