Children`s parties

1. How the children's master classes are organized?

Kids get funny aprons, meet with the chef and a team and get to know about the rules of the real cook (safety information). Chef tells the children about the products and teaches them to handle with kitchen equipment. Then under the direction of chef and sous-chef children prepare 3 dishes themselves: knead the dough, roll out pasta, "chunk a pizza into the sky", experiment and fantasize, making their own unique creations. Some of the dishes we cook at the chef's table: children sit around the chef and get culinary tasks; and for the cooking of the other dishes break up into teams up to 6 people.

2. How long is a children's master class?

Children's cooking class takes 3 hours. During this time we cook 3 dishes and enjoy each of them in the cooking process. Finally we always have time to drink some tea with dessert made by our own hands.

3. Can it happen the children get tired to cook all 3 hours?

The event program is designed so that even the youngest participants are full of energy at the end of the master class.

4. What dishes do the children cook?

Brand-chef of our studio develops a special children's menu for different ages. The dishes for children are not too much complicated and tedious, it is fun and entertaining to cook it. The most beloved children's menu in the CULINARYON studio is: Pizza "Margarita", colored homemade pasta and tiramisu.

5. What beverages do the kids drink during a master class?

As the adult master classes kid's parties are always provided with a barman who offers children fruit juice, water and tea. And if you want to surprise young cooks, you can always additionally order the children's cocktails based on juices and ice cream!

6. How do we congratulate the birthday child?

If we celebrate children's birthday, every dish we dedicate to this kid and name it in his or her honor. And finally we prepare real greeting with traditional Happy Birthday song and blowing out the candles!

7. Can I order a cake?

Of course you can! We cooperate with wonderful pastry shops which are ready to implement your ideas and offer their delicious variations.

8. What is the minimum age of participants?

We provide the events for children from 4 years with the accompanying of their parents - young cooks need mom and dad support. If your child is over 9 years, he can cook singly.

9. Will the master-class be interesting for boys?

Of course yes! Our interactive master classes and the culinary tasks can’t leave the boys indifferent to the process of cooking delicious dishes. During the master class, we learn, we try, fantasize and compete, so the CULINARYON studio is interesting for all.

10. What the parents do in the children's party, while children cook?

The presence of at least one parent at a party is necessary. All the rest is at your discretion: parents can participate in the event and eat with the children; can drink coffee at our bar, helping children as needed, and can leave the child with us and come back after 3 hours (only if the child is over 9 years).

We can organize a separate master-class for parents in the adjacent studio. You can discuss all options with your personal manager + 40 312294632.

11. What food accompanying parents can enjoy?

You can order a welcome-buffet with bruschetta, antipasti, cheeses and sausages.

12. What else can the children do in the studio, in addition to cooking?

To fill the master class with unforgettable experiences for the child, you can choose one of our entertainments. After the children eat the next dish, we will be happy to surprise them with your chosen performance. To know the cost of the show, please call + 40 312294632.

13. How much is the kid's party?

The cost of the event includes the cost for each participant, additional services and service charge. We do not have the minimum number of participants, but there is a minimum budget of the event, it changes every month.

14. How can I order a children's party?

Leave the application on the website, by phone + 40 312294632 or by writing to, your personal manager will contact you to discuss all the details of the event. Please note that you should make 50% advance payment to book the master class.

15. Can I pay from the card?

Kid’s parties can be paid using cash, credit\debit card or bank transfer. You can contact your personal manager to know about all ways of payment + 40 312294632.

16. Can I accompany my kid during the class?

Parents can accompany their kids for free without meals. If parents also want to get dishes, they have to buy a separate ticket. In any case, CulinaryOn barman treats all guests with free soft drinks and tea \ coffee.