Open master classes

1. What master classes are conducted in the studio? How can I enroll on a culinary master class?

Master classes are held on schedule and divided into morning and evening.
Choose a master class on your tastefrom the schedule and sign up by phone.

For booking you need to report:
- Name and surname,
- Contact phone number,
- Number of your certificate.

2. How much does a master class ticket cost?

1 ticket for a morning master class (for children) - from 200 RON

1 ticket for an evening master class (for adults) - from 290 RON

The price of the culinary course includes 1 cooking master class, in that number:

products, work of a Chef, soft drinks, step by step recipes in IPad and professional photographs at the event.

3. How can I pay for a master class?

1) In the CULINARYON studio
We work every day at address: Soseaua Pipera 48, Bucuresti 020112 Hangar 5
2) On the website

You can pay for a ticket on the website shop page.
3) By cash for courier

Delivery is carried out on weekdays

Any ticket you can buy as a gift! Gift certificate is valid for 3 months.

4. How the master classes are organized?

Our master classes are interactive: together with other participants, you cook a full lunch of 3 courses under the direction of a professional chef, which tells a lot of interesting stories and facts and gives useful advices.
Depending on the food, we either cook it together at the chef's table: Chef gives the task to each participant, or in groups up to 6 people on the culinary stations.
You can try all the dishes in the cooking process; you can always take your portion home.
Average class duration is 3 — 3.5 hours.

5. What chefs conduct the master classes?

Experienced, professional, charming, working in famous restaurants in Singapore and abroad. You can read about each chef here.

6. What do I need to bring to the master class?

Your ticket and a lot of good mood. We will give you a professional apron and ask the girls to stab her hair.

7. Will I receive the recipes and photos from the master class?

You will receive the links to the step by step recipes and photos in Facebook on your e-mail (if you leave it to us at registration) within 7 days. If you don’t receive a letter, contact us

Please note that during the master-class chef can change the classic recipe a little!

Sometimes we use the copyrights recipes of our chefs in master classes: you can write down the recipe by yourself - you will get Ipad for this.

8. Is it possible to accompany the participant on a master class?

Everyone who comes to our master class is a full participant of gastronomic adventure, so each person should have a separate ticket.

9. Can I come to the master class with children?

For children from 4 to 12 years we organize kid’s master classes "School of the young chefs" on weekends from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Participants over 16 years old can attend evening master classes on their own for the full cost of the ticket.

10. What should I do if I have an allergy?

Immediately report it when you book the studio! We will warn the chef and, if it's possible, he will eliminate this ingredient from your meals. If this is not possible, we will offer you to visit another master class.

All dishes are always cooked in front of you and with your participation, and we will never hide the constituent ingredients.

Please note that the CULINARYON studio is not responsible for any allergic reactions, so if you have food allergies, please keep the necessary medicines with you.

11. Do I need to have some special skills to come to the master class?

The secret of our master classes is a good mood and a lot of fun from the cooking of culinary delights. Amateurs and beginners can learn the basics of culinary arts, and more experienced participants will be able to ask all their questions a professional chef.

12. Do you conduct master classes for the professionals?

We offer master classes "Dialogue with the chef." Just call us and we will arrange for you an individual cooking master class.

13. Can I take part in any special "male" master class?

We have special "Meat Club" classes, where we cook dishes from meat and wildfowl. This master class is not just for men, but also for girls who want to please their family with truly masculine dishes.

14. Where are the master classes held?

Master classes are held in the CULINARYON studio:
Soseaua Pipera 48, Bucuresti 020112 Hangar 5