Partnership program

1. What are the advantages of the cooperation with the CULINARYON studio?

  • - We are the most visited studio in Bucharest - more than 30,000 clients annually.
  • - We have one of the largest studio in the world, which allows us to conduct the largest events (up to 250 people ).
  • - We have the most professional technologies of attracting and working with guests during and after the event (only in our studio we have 60 iPad with interactive recipes, the largest network among of culinary schools - about 50,000 subscribers in social networks, our own step by step recipes, CRM, and much more).
  • - Only we have a special team to work with partners, and special trainings for the promotion of the benefits of our partners and transformation our customers into customers of our partners.
  • - The widest team of celebrity chefs from the best restaurants in Bucharest and Europe.

2. How the cooperation with cooking studio will promote your brand?

The format of the culinary master class helps potential clients to interact with your product. The team and the chefs of the studio not only unconstrainedly talk about the product, but also show all competitive advantages, allowing the public to evaluate it and to make a conscious choice in its favor.

3. Who can become a partner of the cooking CULINARYON studio?

Any company that shares our interests and views, focuses on the quality and level of service, loves their clients and ready to create new interesting projects to maintain brand image and create additional value for customers.

4. How to become a partner of cooking CULINARYON studio?

To become a partner you need to send your quotation or presentation or a letter with your questions to the address

5. What are the conditions, with which we cooperate with companies?

Cooperation conditions are discussed individually with each project. They depend on the targets of partner company, as well as mutually beneficial agreements.

6. Should it be a legal entity?

Not necessarily. Any individual person or legal entity may become a partner. Most importantly is the similarity of common interests and views on the development.

7. Do you work only with companies associated with the cooking?

No. We work with any companies, which can offer interesting conditions for our project and can be mutually beneficial.

8. Will our product be unique in its category?

CULINARYON studio cooperates with different companies, producing equipment, food and more. If the category of your product is still vacant, we can discuss cooperation on special conditions.

9. Is it possible to sell our product in the CULINARYON studio?

Our cooking studio is a great platform for the implementation of your product. If you provide full details about your competitive advantages, we can help you to carry information to the buyer and sell your product. The conditions are discussed individually with each partner. Write on

10. Can I make a presentation of the product in CULINARYON studio?

Of course you can! At your disposal are 3 fully equipped cooking studios and a 2 conference rooms and VIP room, as well as our chef and team. You can use the projector, sound system with microphones and all the resources of our studio. Write to to order a presentation.