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Covid-19 prevention measures

@CulinaryON, we have enforced early prevention measures to ensure maximum safety, so that your guests will be as safe as in your own office

Personnel training on H&S

All CulinaryON employees were trained in the current H&S measures as per the government directions. All necessary H&S relevant signage is visible in all rooms in CulinaryON.

Guests and employee’s safety measures

All guests and employees entering in CulinaryON are required to have the temperature checked with infra-red thermometers.Also, masks are worn at all times

Room disinfection

We sanitize rooms every 2 hours and any time before and after each event to ensure maximum hygiene and safety for our guests

Hand sanitation

All our rooms are equipped with hand-sanitizers and automatic hand-washing sinks. Guests and employees are asked to wash their hands several times during the event

Dedicated rooms

Our corporate and private events are carried out in dedicated studios where your team will not have to share the space with any other guest. In this way you are as safe as in the office

Events, meetings & conferences

According to current government safety measures and directions we are enabled to have events with 20 guests per individual studio.This allows us to have up to 60 guests in 3 studios and 40 guests in our 2 conference rooms

Dish-wear sanitation

We wash all our dish-ware, glass-ware and cutlery with professional equipment to ensure state of the art sanitation

Frequently asked questions

Question: Is Culinaryon safer than going to a restaurant?

Answer We believe CulinaryON to be a safer environment than a restaurant for the following reasons:

1) your team will not be asked to share the room with other guests,
2) Rooms are sanitised before your event,
3) we ensure that all guests wash their hands several times during the process (something you can't control in a restaurant setting

CulinaryOn is as safe as being in your own office as your team will be in a 100% dedicated room.

Question: What if we are not allowed to make events outside the office?

Answer We offer a wide range of events and activities that we can bring to your office (Cooking Class, Cocktail party, Wine Lab, Wine Casino, Painting art-parties, etc). Ask to your relationship manager to advice you on possible activities that we can bring to the safety of your own location

Question: Should I freeze all events during Covid-19 outbreak?

Answer: We believe that once strict preventive measures are in place (as we did for our facility), then life should go on as usual for the benefit of the entire community. Events, team building activities are an important part of employee motivation and become even more important in times of crisis.